Crowdfunding for Benin: a huge success!


€ 30,113 was raised in two months by Hanze University Groningen (HG) employees, students and relations for the Esperanza University College in Benin, West Africa. This is well above the target amount of €20,000!


The total was brought together by donations of €7,272 through the crowdfunding site and donated Christmas gift cards from 1186 HG employees raised €22,841.


From the donations, a student receives a full scholarship, student start-ups receive an incentive, 5 teachers receive pedagogical training, teaching materials are purchased and classrooms are equipped with computers that are connected to the internet. And because of the €10,113 extra, even more can be achieved!


What counts for us is the impact we can make in the field of higher education and that is much needed in a country like Benin. 70% of the population is illiterate and entrepreneurship in any form has been frustrated by years of Marxism. This is why we as Hanze University Foundation support Esperanza University College, which focuses on entrepreneurship education!


Thank you crowdfunders and Christmas box donors!