Hanze University Foundation 10 years old!


The Hanze University Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019! Thanks to years of support from students and teachers of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, many institutes, students and teachers in developing countries have received support in the past 10 years. Are you also curious about how the projects are going? Follow this series on the social media of the Hanze University Foundation to stay informed!


“I received the message that people with disabilities were welcomed to study at Bake 4 Life. I am studying baking technology now. I am now learning a real trade, not something that just anyone can do. When I have some money for myself, I want to start my own bakery. I can then create employment for my brothers and sisters, I am then an employer, not a job seeker.

I thought my situation was hopeless, that no one would give me a chance, because I needed knowledge and skills before you can excel at anything. Now I am motivated, I have something: knowledge, skills and I can support myself.”

Emmanuel Tabankana is a student of Bake 4 Life College. Bake 4 Life College was the first project to receive a grant from the Hanze University Foundation. In 2009, the College received €55,000 to furnish a practice room.

This is the first story, part of a series of impact stories every 10e anniversary of the Hanze University Foundation (2009-2019).