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  • Zernikeplein 11, 9747AS Groningen
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  • Zernikeplein 11, 9747AS Groningen
  • +31 (0)50 595 75 54

About us

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to promote sustainable professional education in developing countries;
  • to channel the social engagement within and outside of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences by stimulating the execution of (higher education-related) development aid projects;
  • and maintain a system of financial aid for students from developing countries.


The Foundation has three bodies: the Board, the Committee of Recommendation, and the Review Committee. The membership of all bodies is unpaid. A coordinator has been assigned for the management of daily operations of the Foundation. The tasks of the bodies and the coordinator are recorded in the foundation deed.

Our employees attend to the information provision of the Foundation and the organising of fundraisers. Additionally, they are concerned with the preparing of board meetings and target-oriented management of financial means.

The Board assigns a coordinator and monitors the (annual) plans, annual reports, and annual statements of the Foundation.

The Committee of Recommendation connects parties from the work field to the Foundation and provides support for fundraising.

The Review Committee evaluates project applications and provides the Board with recommendations for the assigning of funds.

Committee of recommendation


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