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Hanze Pubquiz – Monday, December 14, 2020

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We all know you are exceptionally smart. But it is about time to prove yourself during the ultimate digital Hanze Pubquiz Battle. Join the intellectual battlefield together with friends, your student union, or colleagues and prove once and for all who has the biggest brain of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences during this epic battle. Buy your ticket, enroll your team and join on Monday 14th of December from 20.30 till 22.30!

Buy your ticket here!

This event is not only organized to boost gigantic egos. The Hanze pub quiz Battle is a charity event: with your participation, you are supporting higher education in developing countries.

The raised funds will go to the Hanze University Foundation, they are committed to making higher education accessible for everyone in various countries in Africa. Due to COVID-19, many families have lost their incomes and are no longer able to afford the tuition fees, or they don’t have the financial or digital means to follow education online remotely.

Hanze University Foundation, Hanze Cultuur en Debat en Stichting Studenten Activiteiten join forces together for the Hanze community: Staff members and students! Share your talent, move the world!

Together in dark times & local businesses

In addition to supporting our colleagues and fellow students in various countries in Africa, we also support local businesses in Groningen. Allow yourself a treat and give yourself some brain food during the quiz and pre-order a snack plate!

Early bird deal: the first 50 people to snag a snack plate get it for a reduced price of €3, instead of €15. They can be picked up on Monday, December 14th at Zernike or Grand Café Groningen. (The full price is sponsored to support our local Grand Café).

We would also like to pay extra attention to the growing feeling of isolation and loneliness among students, while the month of December is all about spending time together, most people are more lonely than ever. With the pub quiz we like to bring together online as many people as possible!

Who can join?

The quiz is hosted by Hanze University of Applied Sciences and is for all students and staff members. When you are purchasing your ticket, you can announce your team. When you log in on the 14th of December with the link in your e-mail inbox, you can select your team with a drop down menu. If you don’t have a team to play with, you can select the team of individual players.

Every player is actively participating in the quiz. All individual answers will be registered and count for your team-score ánd individual score.

If you are not a student or staff member of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, do feel welcome to join and/or to join with your own team!

Each team should consist of 6 to 8 people, if there are more than 8 people in the winning team, , only the 8 best scoring participants will receive the group prize.

What can you win?

The best scoring individual participants will win one of the following prices:

– €50,- voucher for restaurant Moro

– €25,- voucher for restaurant Bodega y Tapas

– €10,- voucher for restaurant Toko Semarang

The best scoring team will also win a prize, which will be announced later. If your team has more than 8 participants, only the 8 best scoring participants will receive a prize.

Quick answer = more points

The quiz consists of 9 rounds, of 10 questions each with different topics. Who comes up with the quickest answers, will score extra points.

Individual, but not alone

The questions are in Dutch or English (you make that choice when purchasing the ticket) and you play the quiz on a device of your choice: (phone/tablet/laptop). If you are playing in a team, every player answers the question individually. These answers contribute to the team’s total score. Make sure every team member has purchased a ticket and consult with your team members during the quiz! The quiz contains no video or sounds, so it will not interrupt your video call.

Mail with a unique link

After purchasing the ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from Billetto. One week before the quiz, you will receive a link to the quiz. Your ticket is matched with your e-mail address, which is the e-mail address you are logging in with. If you have purchased multiple tickets, please send the payment confirmation stating the number of tickets and the e-mail addresses of the other participants to hanzeuniversityfoundation@org.hanze.nl. You can purchase tickets till 14 December 20.00 hrs. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them: hanzeuniversityfoundation@org.hanze.nl.

More about Back on Track scholarships

For many students in developing countries it is no option to return to school or to continue education online. Not because of the continuing lockdown or health issues, but because of the economic crisis. During the lockdown the money reserved for tution fees has been used for basic needs and there is no money to go back to school.

To support the partner institutions andtheir staff members and students, we are offering Back on Track scholarships. For €500 a student can study for one more semester and the family has time to “get back on track” and save money for the following semester. The scholarships are available for students who have started in the past two years and are unable to finalize their studies without the scholarship.