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Hanze Staff trip 2020 to NCMTC in Kenya


19 Hanze staff members will go from 3rd to 18th of October 2020 to North Coast Medical Training College in Mombasa, Kenya. Main goal is to carry out the Hanze slogan: “Share your talent, move the world”. North Coast Medical Training College is a college with several departments and supporting staff. This staff trip offers the opportunity for all colleagues, to exchange on several area’s of expertise. All participants will direct or indirectly improve their personal and intercultural competences and to build new friendships.


During the lustrum celebration of Hanze in 2013, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences connected with NCMTC with the fundraiser: “Care 4 Kenya”. 2 years ago the first exchange took place to NCMTC. This turned out to be a big succes and their request, when the next exchange would take place!


The college is located a little bit north from Mombasa, the second-largest city of Kenia. 4 doctors in the region have set up the college, where competence based education is offered. Most Health education programs are focussed on educating doctors and nurses for working in hospitals. For the primary care there is no educational program available, therefor not many health workers. Even when diseases could easily be treated, without access, many people still lose their lives. NCMTC started with a few rented classrooms from a high school in the neighborhood, however it has grown to have its own campus, where more than 600 students are educated to primary health workers. The college is becoming more and more popular and to supply in the need for more health workers, new classrooms are built this year.

The Hanze staffmembers will fundraise money to finish the classrooms and to equip the classrooms. They organize several fundraisers, such as workshops, sales of products and something nice for everyone to show support! The goal is to reach about €20 000

The NCMTC staff members are very excited to work together again! An impression of the last staff trip is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUc16aEqrJQ

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