Tarastiano Nkanga

“Through my studies I have gained a lot of knowledge to start my own health facility”

Tarastiano Nkanga is a student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya and is studying Nutrition and Dietetics. He received a grant from the Hanze University Foundation to cover his tuition fees. 

“I come from a humble family. I was sent home halfway through my studies as I couldn't pay the tuition fee. Before I received the scholarship I had financial constraints whereby I was sent home for almost a whole term. Then Madame Marianne called me back. I discussed the situation with her and then I was introduced to the Hanze University Foundation. From then until now, I have not interrupted my studies. Now I am hoping to graduate soon! ⁣

My dad has many problems because of hypertension (high blood pressure). I discussed with another friend of mine who has a medical degree, how can I help him? He gave me the idea that nutrition can improve health. Joining this institution and learning how you can handle many conditions through food, including hypertension, that'd good. Now my father has been able to improve and even return to his job. ⁣

I have potential. Through my studies I have gained a lot of knowledge to start my own health facility whereby I will be dealing with deficiencies and excesses in diets that lead to diseases.” ⁣