Adelaide Mwasyoghe

“The issue of finance is not an issue anymore”

Adelaide Mwasyoghe, student Hospitality Management at the University of Dar es Salaam. She participated in the summer school in Dar es Salaam in 2019 with the topic of Entrepreneurship. She is graduating in November 2019 and moving back to her home area Mbeya, to start her own business.

“Before the summer school, I was sure I would graduate and find a job. I was focused on getting jobs. Because of my major, I expected to get a job in a hotel, because it is tourism management. I started applying for jobs before the summer school, but I didn’t get in anywhere. The summer school, which was only for 2 weeks, changed my perspective. I am actually not into hospitality. The guest lecturers inspired me, also working with the Tanzanian students from other majors and the Hanze students from a different culture. The theme of the summer school was entrepreneurship. Something was born in me, I am sure I can do my own thing. I don’t have to be employed. I can make my own decisions.

The summer school got me the first step. The idea was born. However, I didn’t know much about avocados, except for when I visited my family, my grandfather explained growing avocados are very profitable. That got stuck in my head. During the short time of the summer school I did a lot of research and I found out there is more to avocados than just import and export; you can also make a products from it, such as oil (that doesn’t spoil!), it is easier for transport and as oil, it has a long shelf life. An avocado still needs 3 years to grow, first I will buy rejected avocados from other producers, they are cheaper than regular ones and I can still start my business.

The summer school was only few months ago, so I haven’t done anything yet with my idea. However, I proposed it to my family, they got excited and we decided to invest in it together. The issue of finance is not an issue anymore. I am excited to get started, I am just working out the final details, such as where to buy a reliable processing machine. “