Cindy Krawe

“I strongly believe in helping others reach their full potential”

Cindy Krawe works at the TSiBA Business School in Cape Town, South Africa as a graduate and student placements officer. She was awarded a scholarship by the Hanze University to participate in the Hanze Summer School “Doing Business in Europe” in 2014.

I had the opportunity to travel outside of South Africa for the first time in my life through the help of the Foundation. Learning about different cultures in a totally new environment was an eye opener for me; it  helped me immensely to grow my interpersonal skills, to learn how to deal with diversity. Being comfortable in multicultural groups has really shaped my career.  On a personal note, the opportunity to travel to Europe taught me how to dream bigger. It showed me that opportunities are everywhere, I just need to open my eyes to see what is out there. I never imagined myself travelling outside of South Africa. Travelling to Europe also helped me appreciate the little we have in South Africa. Coming back home, I was motivated to start my own business to better my life and in the process helping my family and community. I aimed higher and I was motivated to not give up on my dreams.

With the business skills I acquired in my current work, I am not only able to support my family but I help a lot of people in my community. Helping others has always made my heart tick. I live by the philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ = it’s important to give in any way possible. Many of my friends and family would not have achieved success if it was not for the kindness of others. I strongly believe in helping others reach their full potential.

In the beginning of this year I started a Child Care Centre in Montclair, Cape Town. This has been a strong passion of mine and would love to grown this business into neighbouring communities. Thus far I employ 3 single mothers from my community. I am very proud of this  as they are now able to take care of themselves and their families.