David Kibuuka

“I’ve been trying to really utilize some of the the techniques I learned at the Hanze”

David Kibuuka, lecturer at Ugandan Christian University, participated in the summer school in Groningen in 2018

“It was a very interesting journey, because I have been teaching at the University for the last 15 years and then an opportunity like this comes up and I find it very important to take advantage of. Immediately after this exposure, there was a lot of added value to my personal and professional life.

My expectations were to actually explore and get to know how it works in Europe, especially how they transmit information from the teacher to the student. It was very interesting because I think I achieved there several lessons, which I discovered make a difference.

I’ve been trying to really utilize some of the the techniques I learned at the Hanze. One, in how to deliver in classes and I think it’s also very, very much applicable here and it changes the way we deliver to students. Also the using of online learning methods, which are also quite applicable. And also the emphasis on creativity everywhere, which I saw very much promoted at the Hanze. They show up for knowledge, having the wisdom of surviving, to keep someone always being creative and motivated.

I also liked the bikes, its very memorable. Actually, when I came back to Uganda, I had to buy myself a bike to keep the memories. I like the hospitality of the Dutch, all the Dutch were very interesting to me, actually.”