Elsie Nsiyona

“it was an eyeopener about a way that an institution can support its own”

Elsie Nsiyona is a lecturer at the Ugandan Christian University in the Business Faculty,  Ddepartment of Management and Entrepreneurship. She received a scholarship to participate in the summer school “Doing Business in Europe” in Groningen for 3 weeks in 2016.   ⁠

“Some of the business pedagogical methods we learnt at the Hanze in order to make business practical we are already using in the training, especially in practical entrepreneurship. When we visited the Hanze, we visited the Cube50 and it was an eyeopener about a way that an institution can support its own. We started now developing our equivalent of the Cube50, we are not there yet, we call it the ‘Business Incubation Centre’, but we have taken some steps already in that direction. This will be a place where students can nurture their ideas to help them along the journey. Enable them to ‘hit the ground running’ when they hit the market. In the future, it is going to be a meeting point for people with entrepreneurial ideas, including the business community and faculty. We have already had exhibitions and competitions with students pitching their ideas and adjudicators choosing a winner, with whom we will then work. Even for the others that did not win it is a chance to see how we can advise them.”⁠