Elvis Kalume Kazungu

“My brother is the sole bread winner in my family”

Elvis is a third year, male, diploma in clinical medicine student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. His parents are very poor peasant farmers who are not very able to cater for much beyond the daily meals for him and his three younger siblings. His elder brother is the sole bread winner in the family and working as casual worker at Mombasa. Elvis is hardworking, goal oriented and his academic performance is good. He relates well with fellow students and teachers. His elder brother has not been able to work since April due to the county lockdown. Even since the lockdown was lifted, casual jobs have been very difficult to find as people are still told to stay at home as much as possible and as jobs are very few. This has been a big challenge to the family which has some days even gone without food leave alone other basic needs in the family.