“I am very happy we could get to engage in regards to technology”

Eric Kilelu is the ICT officer at North Coast Medical Training College. He has been working at North Coast since 2021.

“I was very excited for the people of the Hanze staff trip to come to our college. I was not here for the first trip in 2018 and was therefore excited to meet new people, share experiences and learn how things work in the Netherlands. I was really looking forward to the trip and was therefore on the team that helped plan and prepare for the arrival of the Hanze staff members.”

“My goal was to learn as much as I could. I have spent a lot of time with my buddy Marieke from the Hanze University” Marieke Doornbos is an information specialist who works at the digital library, which means she is part of the IT staff. Marieke has been to Kenya before on the staff trip in 2018.

Eric shared his experience on interacting with Marieke: “She is very resourceful and I have learned a lot from her. From a personal level I am very happy we could get to engage in regards to technology, the differences between Kenya and the Netherlands regarding this topic and her suggestions. I have noticed the hierarchy is totally different. We don’t express our opinion to our superior when we disagree, while the Hanze staff members have no issue with this.”