Esther Nakhanu

7. Esther_Nahanu
“I am very deidcated to me studies and perform well in my assessments”

Esther is a third year, female, diploma in nursing student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. She is from a single mum; her step father disowned her and her younger sister. Her mum is a casual worker on the surrounding farms from which she normally earns a low but quite stable income. She is an excellent academic performer both theoretically and practically who is very dedicated to her studies and performs very well in her assessments. Socially she is also doing well, she is very positive and maintains good social relations. Due to COVID-19 her mother was laid off from her casual work on the farm and although she has been trying, she has so far not been employed on any other farm as they are also not employing because of the same reasons of COVID-19 and lack of business.