Eunice Salama Kahindi

6. Eunice Salama Kahindi
“I have been able to keep up with me schoolwork during COVID-19 because of the smartphone program”

Eunice is a fourth year, female, diploma in nursing student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. She comes from a very needy background. Her elder brother, a bodaboda rider, is the only breadwinner of the family and responsible for her school fees and to support her younger brother. Eunice is very dedicated towards her education and performs very well. She also maintains good interpersonal relations and interacts well with many different people. She has been able to achieve this through her good attitude and positive thinking towards life in general despite the odds she is facing. Due to the COVID-19, there has been hardly any transport and hence her brother has hardly earned anything. Eunice was one of the few students who was totally unable to connect for some weeks and we managed to help her to get access to a smartphone with which she has managed to keep up with the learning.