Gert Kuipers

Gert Kuipers

Gert Kuipers works as a Facility Manager at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. He visited National Instructors’ College in Abilonino (February 2019) and North Coast Medical Training College (February 2018) with a group of Hanze UAS colleagues⁠

“It was my second time to join the Hanze University Foundation’s staff trip to East Africa. It gives me so much energy to work together with the people here. You learn so much by being here and you get so much in return. The connections we make here are permanent. You connect with the local colleagues from the partner institution. You really get to know each other on a different level when you are working together to achieve the same goal. ⁠

I know the projects from HUF as multidisciplinary projects and as supporting the existing higher education systems in developing countries. Such a staff exchange really adds to the development of National Instructors College Abilonino. It is an intercultural experience for people who don’t often meet people from other cultures, let alone people from a different continent! ⁠

Being in different African countries has changed me. It has so much more value to me when I experience the purity of the people and they enjoy having you around. They are interested in who you are as a person and not who or what you represent. I wish everyone could experience the same experience that I have had. It gives so much positive energy. I feel like a rich man; and I don’t mean financially, but because of the positive experiences I carry with me.⁠”