“We have enough ideas to keep this collaboration going for many more years.”

Gert Kuipers is a Hanze staff member that has joined every staff trip organized so far and is always in charge of the building aspect of the trip. During the last staff trip, he worked together with Silas. Silas is a contractor. He has been in control of the building aspect of both of our staff trips at North Coast Medical Training College.



“We met a few years ago and worked together on a few projects. If he has to show me how something needs to be done, he makes sure I watch him do it, so I can copy it and do it myself. I learn a lot from him this way. The cooperating is very good. He shares everything that needs to be shared. When new information comes in, or he believes this is information I don’t know yet, he talks to me about it and we make a plan. We have enough ideas to keep this collaboration going for many more years.”



“I was new to me to work with foreigners, but it is going very well. I am used to it now because of the staff trip. I have been able to teach Gert things about our way of building. Our way of building is very different compared to the Netherlands, so we share our ideas. For my team it is also very special to work together with outsiders like this. My team remembered the first time they worked together with the Hanze staff. When they heard the staff was coming back, they made sure they were able to join again this time. Some of them even left their work to come here for this special job. I would like to work together for many more years.”