Gilbert Mboya

“I rode the bike to the university every day, no matter the weather”

Gilbert Mboya, Assistant lecturer
University of Dar Es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
Participant of the 3-week summer school in Groningen 2017

“During the summer school in Groningen, I made friends from different parts of the world. I now know people in Taiwan, USA and Israel. We are still in touch and exchange about our lives.

I had a wonderful experience, I remember the most the life on the boat. That’s where we used to stay. I had never stayed on a boat before. We heard about floating houses in the Netherlands. I rode the bike to the university every day, no matter the weather.

One time I was biking back from IKEA, we had breakfast there every morning. I was amazed by the electrical bridge that opened the road. We all stood there for the bridge to close and the people around me were surprised I was taking so many pictures and that I was so amazed by it. But I had never seen it before.

One thing I learned in the summer school and apply in my classes are student group work. Students can actually learn from each other and it helps my students to perform better. Unity is power.”