Joseph Ndighila

1. Joseph Ndighila
“I am top of my class”

Joseph is a third year, male, diploma in nutrition student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. He had been promised a sponsorship when he started his training. However, the sponsor only supported him for one year and then left without informing him or his family. He has been really struggling. His parents sell some of their farm products and his father works casual, as a mechanic. With those small sources of income they normally try to support Joseph and his three younger sisters. Joseph is one of the best students in his class. Socially his conduct is beyond reproach. He is friendly and is the type of person who takes responsibility when it is required. The family has been seriously affected by COVID-19 as they have hardly been able to sell any farm produce as transport to the markets was limited. Also, there have been no vehicles to come for services, so his father has not been able to work at all.