Kelvin Msika

“The summer school helps young people to think outside the box and broaden their mind”

“I liked the practicality of the summer school program the most; we had to get out there and make our money. Even when it was small, you got a taste of working your own business. After the summer school I got together with my family, whom are all working for tour operators and we have invested in our own tour company now: ‘Lapwings’. With so much experience in the family, we can offer all kinds of tours, we can offer anything, but also make them custom to what someone is looking for. We create our own itineraries, with what we know is the best, to optimize the experience. We also have a tour specially for bird-watching, something totally different than the hunt for the “big five”, but more relaxed and stunning as a safari can be.

We invested in camping supplies, but also our first car. It is ordered and I made sure we got a good deal. Our first assignment is for a group of young students who have a day trip to Bagamoyo. We hope our customers share the good experiences and we can keep growing. In this beginning phase, we are focused on making sure the experience is what the customer was looking for.

Most Tanzanians believe you have to apply for jobs after graduation, and think it is the only option. The summer school helps young people to think outside the box and broaden their mind. They have to believe they can make something from their own ideas. During the summer school, one of the guest lecturers, didn’t just share a fantastic story about how good and successful her idea became, but she shared her failures and it made me realize: everyone starts from somewhere.

I joined a large travel company after completing my studies and I am still working there. I am learning a lot. But the summer school inspired me to start for myself. In this start-up phase it is much different than for the large travel company I now work for, but I am learning so much and using the experience for my own company!”

Kelvin Msika, student Hospitality Management at the University of Dar es Salaam. He participated in the summer school in Dar es Salaam in 2019 with the topic of Entrepreneurship. For more information about his tour company and bookings: