Khadija Idris

2. Hadija Idris
“I take responsibility when it is nessessary”

Khadija is a third year, female, diploma in nutrition student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. Her father is a carpenter and normally depends on tree cutting and furniture making to raise funds for the family which consists of his wife, Khadija, and her two younger siblings. Khadija regularly does some casual or volunteer jobs to get some additional money for upkeep to help her father. She is hard working, always attends her classes and submits her assignments on time. She is also very active in class and her academic performance has always been above average. This also applies to her skills as displayed during clinical and community attachment. Socially she is well mannered and also friendly. She also easily takes responsibility when it is necessary. Due to COVID-19, there has been no work on-going, Khadija’s father has not been able to get any work, neither in tree cutting nor in making furniture. There was no demand and also, as he normally sells the furniture in Mombasa, due to the travel restrictions, he was not able to reach this market.