Martin Kabanda

“You have to adjust, you have to be flexible in the wild”

Martin Kabanda is a lecturer at the Uganda Christian University, in the Faculty of Business. He participated in the summer school in Groningen in 2016.

“It was a good experience, it was very interesting, different cultures, mixing with different people from different backgrounds. They are very memorable experiences that I have. I remember we were staying on a boat and very exciting, I asked how can we stay on water for the rest of the time, but it was possible, and it was quite cool. We went to IKEA for breakfast and dinner as we didn’t have to cook for ourselves. The food was really good and you could choose from a variety of dishes. I can’t forget IKEA, I even have a card with me now with discounts.

You have to adjust, you have to be flexible in the wild. That’s an experience. You can’t meet people that always have the same ends, sometimes when you have to stay with others you have to somehow comply with what they are for you to move on. We had to ride the bikes, put on a show, some discussions. You have to adjust a little bit and walk with them because of the intercultural differences. The Dutch are calm people, assertive but in a softer way and you have to do it with that kind of pace.”