Maureen Asha

“The summer school expanded my network and it was a wonderful experience”

Maureen Asha works at the department of Nutrition and Dietetics at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. She came to Hanze UAS on a full scholarship from the Foundation with Paul Mole for the 2018 summer school, Global Health and Quantified Self. This was part of the ‘return’ exchange of staff between the two institutions.

“One thing that really changed was that when I came back to my workplace after the summer school, I received a promotion! I was able to become the coordinator in the Health Promotion Education course due to my new experience.

I went to Groningen in May 2018 for the summer school Global Health and Quantified Self and learned a lot! I learned about different teaching methodologies they use and how students are motivated to learn, not just memorize. I also learned about myself, how I can quantify my own health. And I came to realise that different diseases can occur worldwide. In Kenya and in the Netherlands. We have communicable diseases that affect all people.

A good memory I have from my time in Groningen is the ‘running dinner.’ I was able to taste different types of food that I never had before. I still can remember them and wish to have a taste of them!

Hanze UAS is a very nice place to be and has a good environment to study. If someone gets a chance to go there, don’t hesitate! People are very friendly, you can interact with them all very well.  The summer school expanded my network and it was a wonderful experience.”