Patrick Ziro Mbura

9.Patrick Mbura
“I am a very positive thinker”

Patrick is a third year, male, diploma in nursing student at North Coast Medical Training College in Kenya. He is a child of a single mother from a village close to the college. She normally hawks food products from street to street in Mombasa town after she buys fruits and vegetables from a farm in the sub-location. In addition to applying for study loans, his mother has a commitment with the college on payment of his fees in small instalments. He is an excellent academic performer both theoretically and practically; he is focused, critical, relates well with others, and is a positive thinker. COVID-19 has greatly affected him as his mother was not able to go about her business as she could not reach her market and the family has literally no money. She requested the college to please understand that she misses paying for her commitment.