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Rhoda Osei


Growing up, I often fantasized about travelling and exploring the world as it was my dream to become an international public relations officer. In that light, I pursued communication studies at the University of Cape Coast because it would bring me a step closer to realizing my dream. I engaged in the exchange program at the university of Cape Coast which later helped me obtain a scholarship from the Hanze University Foundation to study at the Hanze University in the Netherlands. This was a lifetime opportunity to acquire more knowledge in my field of study.

Through this exposure, I learned how to create documentaries and develop creative concepts. My confidence level heightened due to numerous presentations in class as well as interacting with different people from different backgrounds. Moreover, participating in the Inspiration Breakfast event organized by the Hanze University Foundation was an unforgettable experience as I had the chance to interact with different people as well as be part of a great event.

Living with other exchange students from different countries provided the opportunity to network and experience other cultures. Currently I can confidently say that I have experienced another culture at first hand. I have acquired more skills in my area of study, my confidence level, which is essential as an international public relations officer, has improved tremendously and I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in the Netherlands who made my stay in Groningen a magnificent one.

As I graduate from the University of Cape Coast, I strongly believe that the skills I acquired from this experience will go a long way to aid me in achieving my dreams of becoming an international public relations officer. I also intend to pursue my masters in international public relations. With regards to these provisions, I can confidently say that indeed, dreams do come true thanks to the Hanze University Foundation.

Rhoda Osei is a student from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. She received a scholarship from the Foundation and completed the six-month minor Medialism at Hanze UAS in 2018. She volunteered at the Foundation, creating a documentary and helping out at the annual Inspiration Breakfast.

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