Sekela Mwakabende

“We felt so close to the Hanze students, like real friends”

Sekela Mwakabendebachelor student of arts in Mass Communication
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Tanzania
Participant of the 2-week summer school in Dar-Es-Salaam 2018

“There is always something to learn from new cultures and new people. The Hanze students told us about their cultural values, how they are taught from childhood. We shared about ours. How families work and how we interact with our parents.  

I thought we had to stay in class all day long, but our assignment also took us to Zanzibar. It was good to experience and it added value to the outcomes of our assignment. It was my first time there and I heard so much about the place, I have seen some documentaries about Zanzibar, but now I got to experience that culture too and see it with my own eyes.  

They have doors, that look so old, you wouldn’t think anyone could live there. But then someone comes out and you realize: oh! The people are really living here.  

We felt so close to the Hanze students, like real friends. One time Britt (Hanze student) asked me something in English and I replied in Swahili. She looked at me and then I realized I spoke Swahili to her. We laughed and then I told her in English”