Tenda Mugole

“I cannot fail anymore. If I cannot find a job, I will make things with my hands.”

Tenda Mugole is a student at National Instructors’ College in Abilonino, Uganda. NICA received two large grants and was the destination of the Hanze UAS staff trip in 2019.

“I study carpentry. I pay my school fees by making furniture from wood. I am glad that I am able to produce these in the college and pay for my school fees. My products are used in the dormitories and our principal ordered a table for in his office too.

I don’t want to be selfish with my knowledge, we need to pass it on to the other generation. I would like my children to become technicians too, but they should finish their high school first. I enrolled in technical education after primary school, but it made it hard for me. I can earn enough to pay their school fees. You shouldn’t eat your money, but give it to the young generation, so they can earn their own. I am a father, they trust me to take care of them. Like a guard, you trust him to protect you and others. So my salary, can be used to protect me, but also others.

After I have finished my studies at NICA, I want to teach for a technical school in west Uganda. I was raised in the north and still living in the north of Uganda. I will be buried here, so while I am still alive, I should visit more places.

I have no doubt about finding a job. I can do everything, I am also a technician. I can employ myself and give jobs to others. On top of that I am a teacher too. I cannot fail anymore. If I cannot find a job, I will make things with my hands.”