Zuhura Selemani

“Because we kept in touch, it didn’t feel very far”

Zuhura Sulemani, assistant lecturer
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Tanzania
Scholarship for 3 week summer school “Business in Europe” 2018

“We came from different continents to learn about business in the European continent. Especially experiencing the intercultural communication, not only in class, but really experience it within our group, helped me gain a better understanding.
I share stories about my time in Groningen. It is hard for them to imagine. I tell people I have tried to ride a bike, but I had never ridden a bike in my life before. I was walking most distances, but the weather was nice. I noticed the exercise also worked out well for my body and health, even now, I keep walking places.
My two daughters had to miss me when I was away. I tried to give them the feeling I was not so far. So every evening we had a phone call and did video calling. It was 9pm and I was showing them it was night. They thought it was not possible. I shared my daily food with them and they shared what they were eating. Because we kept in touch, it didn’t feel very far.”