Inspiration Event – Koert Lindijer


We would like to cordially invite you to the Inspiration Event of the Hanze University Foundation. (Formerly known as the annual Inspiration Breakfast). As an activity this year, we invited the Dutch journalist and writer Koert Lindijer as a guest speaker, followed by a dinner. The event is in English. 

Inspiration Event: Guest speaker Koert Lindijer

Koert Lindijer has visited many African countries and was a journalist during many (civil) wars and wrote for news websites, including NRC Dagblad. Koert has been living in Africa for more than 40 years and has published several books. His latest book: “A Skyscraper on the Savannah” was released in March 2023. Koert knows a lot about how the African countries are developing and has therefore been invited to speak at our event.

Inspiration Dinner

Following the event, we organize a dinner to have the opportunity to talk to each other afterwards. Various guests from Tanzania will therefore be joining us for dinner. There is a cost of €30 per person for this dinner. To sign up for Koert Lindijer's Inspiration session and/or dinner, you can buy your tickets here.


100% of the proceeds from the Inspiration Event 2023 will be directly invested in higher education in developing countries. More information about the Inspiration Event can be found in the enclosed invitation. If you know of any companies in your network, we would like to approach them as well. There is also an e-mail available for this that can be forwarded, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alida de Winter or Sarah de Leeuw (