Hanze staff trip 2024

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We are very excited to announce the next location of the Hanze employee trip: Tanzania! The participants will have the opportunity to promote the Hanze slogan “Share your talent, move the world”. The trip will take place from October 19 to November 3, 2024.


A total of 22 people will travel to Mbeya, in southern Tanzania, to visit Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST). The purpose of the trip is to strengthen the personal and intercultural skills of HG employees and to support the partner. In addition to knowledge exchange, the colleagues will also undertake a campus development project and raise funds to pay for the materials.

Campus development

In the past, MUST has created 2 demo plots in collaboration with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and NUFFIC: 1 agricultural practice farm and a “Sustainable Energy Centre”. These plots are on the other side of the campus, so there is room for further development. Unfortunately, this also makes it very inconvenient to work practically with students here. The students receive lessons on one side of the campus in the theory classrooms and then have to go to the practical location on their own. MUST's wish is therefore to place a practical room near the demo plots, so that theory and practice can be linked together.

The participants of the Hanze employee trip will raise €1000 in funds per person to pay for the materials and the local contractor and team. The Hanze colleagues are responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation costs, so that 100% of the amount raised goes to the partner.

Would you like to know which actions our participants organize and how you can support them? Then look at the list here:

Donation pages from:

You can also participate in our own lottery, the draw is June 14, 2024.


Knowledge exchange and Campus project

During the trip, all Hanze colleagues will exchange knowledge with a colleague who has a similar position at the partner university. How does he/she organize the work, what are the differences and what can you learn from each other? Each employee will also assist in the campus project (if physically possible). A division is made in advance, for planning. Participants can choose:

  • 8 days of knowledge exchange + 2 days of campus project


  • 8 days campus project + 2 days knowledge exchange

Intercultural Learning Journey

In preparation for the trip, all participants are invited to a meeting once a month to discuss fundraising and practical matters surrounding the trip. In addition, participants can choose to participate in the Intercultural Learning Journey.

This year it is possible to participate in the Intercultural Learning Journey for the first time. This is a workshop in which the following elements are discussed:

– Intercultural sensitivity in development cooperation

– The development aid dilemma

– Approaches to international development

– Critical thinking and reflection

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alida de Winter: hanzeuniversityfoundation@org.hanze.nl

Would you also have liked to come along? Please leave your details on this form: https://forms.office.com/r/jpzX8wiEMN .     You will then automatically be notified if a new trip is organized in the future!