NCMTC scholarship students

Kenya 2016 (113)
Meet Mwinyi Abdalla Mumbo, Penina Mnasi, Leonard Atongo, Joyce Mwaka Jefwa, Tarasiano Nkanga, Elijah Mwangambo, Bwinti Marabuni, and Philemon Nambasa; the eight North Coast Medical Training College students who received scholarships through the Hanze University Foundation. North Coast Medical Training College is a higher professional education institute in Mtwapa, a small town on the coast of Kenya, near Mombasa. The institute offers young Kenyans affordable medical training.


Penina, Joyce, Tarasiano, and Bwinti are studying Nutrition and Dietetics, Leonard and Philemon are both studying Clinical Medicine, and Mwinyi and Elijah are freshman Nursing students. Initially it was uncertain whether Mwinyi and Elijah could start their education, despite the fact that they were so motivated to start. Thanks to their scholarships, they were still able to study at the college, and they are hard at work and on their way to becoming Kenya's newest nurses!


All eight are bursting with ambition to contribute to better healthcare in their respective communities, and the Foundation has no doubt they will succeed. Kenya is about to welcome eight new skilled healthcare specialists and we wish them all the very best for the future!