The learning environment was very exciting, we had a lot to learn in terms of new knowledge, but also in terms of ways of delivering that knowledge. After the experience, we reviewed the way we are transmitting knowledge to the students here and we now put emphasis more on the practical teaching approaches, so that after graduation the students can be self-sustaining and be able to create jobs for themselves. The professors we met exposed us to a whole lot of knowledge that we could not imagine. We learned the action research approach and that is what works in the modern world, because it emphasizes research that leads to solutions of practical problems in society, which is now what we are trying to implement here. Personally, as someone engaging in research, we got new ways of collecting data and doing research in general, which has been very, very helpful.

Henry Mugisha is a lecturer at Ugandan Christian University in the Business and Administration department. He participated in the summer school in Groningen in 2018.
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