I have always been motivated by the development of people. The Foundation really contributes to the international exchange of knowledge. By providing scholarships and grants, lots of people get chances. You can do so much with the right people and just a bit of funding. The environment in which they live in develops. Their next of kin benefits. The nice part is: in fact we learn from each other. I think the Foundation is a very good example that underscores the Hanze University of Applied Sciences motto: ‘share your talent. move the world.’

I joined the Board of the Hanze University Foundation in 2015, even before I started working at Hanze UAS. Within the Board we sometimes joke that this position was just the right step up to help me get accepted at Hanze UAS. It’s a rewarding position and I plan to continue contributing for a few more years to follow the path of growth.

My most memorable and rewarding moments have been at the annual Inspiration Breakfasts. It’s an opportunity to meet students and lecturers from partnering institutions. They tell me about their plans for the future, their development, their contribution to the region or to other students and lecturers. Or about specific training programs or the improvement of their campus, whereby the quality of their education becomes better and better.

Paul van der Wijk has been a member of the Board at the Hanze University Foundation since 2015. He worked in the Executive Board at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences from 2015 to 2019. As of July 2019 he is the Chairman of the Executive Board at the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen.