Bernard Msongo

“We are proud of our college!”

Bernard Msongo, Principal at North Coast Medical Training College (NCMTC). NCMTC received multiple grants for improving the campus facilities, training staff members and ten student scholarships. In 2018, 23 Hanze staff members went to NCMTC for a staff exchange.  

 “It was like a blessing in disguise! Because somebody locally or maybe somebody who was coming for the first time to North Coast Medical Training College might have thought we would have a class of (older) international students. We received 23 staff members of Hanze in February 2018. During these two weeks it was really insightful and we were pleased to be engaged with the Hanze staff. They were really eager to know how we carry out our activities at NCMTC and we are happy to show them. We are proud of our college!  

During the Hanze visit, we had an inspection visit from one of the regulatory bodiesincluding their CEOthat allows us to award certificates for training in different courses,. He was able to see the visitors that we were having and took recognition over our engagement with the other partners outside of Kenya.  

We feel very fortunate to have the visitors from Hanze University. For the future cooperation with Hanze, we are bound to grow in leaps and even expand into more and take it to another level. Also on a personal level it was nice to have engagement with people who have an educational background, we can share and exchange ideas.”