Maria Mlundachuma

“It was useful for to me to experience different cultures”

Maria Mlundachuma, assistant lecturer Accounting, University of Dar Es Salaam Business School, Tanzania. Participant of the 3-week summer school in Groningen 2017

“It was useful for to me to experience different cultures. In my current studies I am working on tax issues. I am trying to understand whether culture has anything to do with tax compliance. Understanding different cultures surely helps a lot! When I was in Groningen, I thought the bikes were really funny. Everywhere you go, you see water everywhere and I really like swimming, but the environment was not really conducing for swimming unfortunately.

During the summer school in Groningen, I learned about the different cultures within society. It is very applicable in my current studies. I am also trying to make the students understand what I am teaching them.

I am still in contact with some of the students in the summer school. There were other students from Mwanza in Tanzania and someone from the US. We still speak each other regularly.”