“Now I can support myself”

National Instructors’ College Abilonino – Stephan: Lecturer in department of Mechanical Engineering.

“I used to be a student here. I got a government sponsor to pay for my studies and now I can support myself. I feel like I am a professional now, I have the knowledge and skills to teach other students.

With my job, I hope I can continue more studies and eventually earn more to not only sustain myself, but also my family members.

The improvements compared to when I was studying here, are much improved. We have been able to buy more materials and make new materials ourselves. Such as windows and doors.

Students that study at NICA, they are not floating. They have a place to be. The campus has much improved. Even after their studies, they have a diploma in a technical field, but also have skills to teach. The education at NICA is based on teaching competences.”